About Us

Christopher Lumia owner of CRL Transportation Inc., started out at a young age with his fascination of Trucks.


Chris spent all his spare time as child riding with his father, learning all he could about trucking. By the time Chris was 18 yrs he had already established the education from the ground, and was now ready to get behind the wheel.


At age 27 Chris had saved up money to go out on his own. So in the spring of 1999 Chris bought and built

his first truck and established CRL Transportation Inc.


With Christopher’s friendly, professional service he had for the prior nine years, and the help of his hard working, dedicated father, CRL Transportation got off to a great start.


CRL is now currently trucking for over 25 companies, and has one good looking fleet of trucks. CRL also has over 25 outside truckers on hand.


It was a little boy with a big dream and a great father, who is now in his 70’s and still by his side hauling.

CRL Transportation 2014.